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Web Management Panel
Property Management System

Property Management System

This functionality acts as a robust project management system. It streamlines asset management, enabling swift and efficient oversight of various properties. Tailored to the needs of expansive enterprises, this feature simplifies the complexities of handling extensive portfolios, ensuring that every aspect of your spatial planning is both accessible and manageable.

Catalog setup

With our user-friendly web management panel, you have the power to customize your furniture module catalog to fit your specific requirements. Whether you’re optimizing for comfort, functionality, or aesthetics, our platform makes it seamless to select and arrange the pieces that best suit your project environment.

Catalog setup
Project setup

Project Setup

Using our web management panel, managing different projects is a breeze. Tailor each project with its own unique catalog, ensuring your designs meet the specific needs of each space. Whether you’re juggling multiple projects or focusing on a single office layout, our platform provides the flexibility to customize and control your work effortlessly.


The feature allows you to choose the surroundings of your office space, offering a more immersive and realistic view for stakeholders. This powerful tool enhances the overall feel of your presentations, making it easier for everyone to visualize their future office spaces in context.

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