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Success Story

Drees & Sommer

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Drees & Sommer, a premier European firm with
50+ years of expertise, offers innovative consulting in real estate and infrastructure. With 5,100 experts in 59 locations, they emphasize sustainable, efficient solutions across multiple sectors.

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For Drees & Sommer, the leasing process was
a major bottleneck, involving lengthy cycles of proposal drafting, presentation, and revisions.
This inefficiency delayed leases and financial flows, highlighting the need for a streamlined solution.

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We introduced the office configurator to Drees & Sommer, a 3D tool that streamlines office layout generation, which improves validation, reduces revisions, and enhances decision-making, making the leasing process more efficient and engaging.

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What sets us apart?

We upgraded Drees & Sommer from a basic 2D layout tool to our v.create solution. The feature that helped us win over our competitors and warmed our relationship was our 3D walkthrough that enhanced intuitive design understanding for all stakeholders.

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To test our tool limits, Drees & Sommer's Stuttgart office was recreated and onboarded on our platform, proving its office design capabilities. The project was tailored to their needs, added realism, and provided a comprehensive virtual experience.

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Using the v.create tool saved Drees & Sommer up to
6 hours per design iteration for each BIM floor section, which led to their strategic decision to acquire the tool in early 2022 so they could boost their digital capabilities in the AEC sector.

Drees & Sommer is a leading European consulting, planning, and project management firm that has been enhancing the real estate and infrastructure sectors for over 50 years. With a head office in Germany and a global presence across 59 locations, the company is known for its innovative and future-oriented consulting services. Drees & Sommer specializes in creating successful buildings, high-yield portfolios, powerful infrastructure, and livable cities, always integrating economic efficiency and sustainability through their "the blue way" approach. Catering to a diverse range of sectors, including automotive, energy, logistics, retail, and hospitality, the firm employs over 5,100 professionals committed to delivering value-added solutions for both private and public clients and investors.
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Understanding our client's issue
In the fast-paced world of real estate, every moment counts. For Drees & Sommer's clients, the leasing process was becoming a significant bottleneck. Each potential lease kicked off with the creation of a proposal, but more often than not, these initial proposals didn't meet the tenant's expectations right out of the gate. This led to a repetitive cycle of drafting, presenting, and revising, which could stretch to four to five iterations, and sometimes even more, before finally receiving the tenant's approval. This protracted process not only delayed the leasing timeline but also hindered the prompt generation of loan money, creating a cascading effect of delays and inefficiencies. The pressing need for a more streamlined and efficient approach was undeniable, prompting a search for a transformative solution.
Designing a solution proposal
To revolutionize the leasing process and cut down on repetitive tasks, we introduced our innovative solution to Drees & Sommer: the v.create office configurator. This cutting-edge 3D tool is specifically designed to streamline the validation of office layouts across various industries. It offers a dynamic and interactive platform, allowing major stakeholders to not only review and adjust drafts with ease but also to immerse themselves in a virtual walkthrough of the envisioned spaces. This capability significantly reduces the back-and-forth typically associated with the leasing process, thereby minimizing the need for multiple revisions. By leveraging this technology, we aimed to enhance decision-making efficiency, expedite the approval process, and ultimately deliver a more satisfying and engaging experience for all involved parties.
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The driving force
behind our success
When we introduced the v.create solution to Drees & Sommer, they were using a basic 2D office layout generator to streamline their processes. However, envisioning a space through a 2D layout often requires a technical eye, limiting the ability of non-technical stakeholders to fully grasp the potential of a design. The game-changing feature that captivated Drees & Sommer was the 3D walkthrough capability of our tool, offering an immersive experience that brings proposed spaces to life, allowing for a more intuitive understanding and interaction with the design.
How we made it happen?
To validate the efficacy of the v.create tool, a mutual decision was made to recreate Drees & Sommer's main office in Stuttgart, Germany, using the platform. This project served as a real-world test to verify the tool's capabilities in office redesign processes. Our team led the onboarding process, which was meticulously completed in just six weeks. Throughout this period, we tailored the experience to Drees & Sommer's specific needs, gradually introducing several advanced features. Notably, the high-quality version and the skybox surrounding model were implemented, enhancing the realism of the virtual environment. These features allowed users to not only visualize the interior designs but also gain a genuine sense of the external surroundings, thereby providing a comprehensive and immersive experience.
the success together
The collaboration with the v.create tool yielded remarkable outcomes for Drees & Sommer. The team experienced a significant time savings of up to 6 hours per person for generating each single-floor section in BIM, thanks to our seamless BIM integration. This efficiency gain was a game-changer, streamlining their processes and enhancing productivity. The positive impact of integrating their workflow with our tool was so profound that, at the beginning of 2022, Drees & Sommer made the strategic decision to acquire the v.create tool, along with all other AEC digital tools offered by Diewerkbank GbmH. This move not only underscored their satisfaction with the tool's performance but also marked a significant step towards enhancing their digital capabilities in the architectural, engineering, and construction sectors.
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