Asset and Property Managers

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Asset and Property Managers

Close more deals faster
Facilitate the process of selling and renting office space
Simplify the sale and rental of office spaces with us. V.create revolutionizes the entire process – from real-time customization of offices to automatic floor plan delivery for clients while minimizing effort. Let us redefine how you close deals and set new standards in the real estate industry.

Reduce vacancy periods with efficient project creation and visualization. Experience a smoother, more successful approach to planning office spaces.
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Attract the right tenants for each available property

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Accelerated Leasing

Quick configuration of the office space in real-time by placing modules such as offices, conference rooms, kitchens, and more. Building and visualizing projects from scratch can speed up tenant decision-making.

Configure offices with your customers

Collaborate with clients to visualize the office space together, providing a real-time layout generator within minutes.

Configure offices with your customers
Short vacancy period

Short vacancy period

Integrating v.create into your workflow ensures that your properties are always presented in the best possible light, leading to shorter vacancy periods and higher occupancy rates.

Documentation & Report Generator

Calculate the cost of added modules, allowing detailed planning once the final price is known.

Documentation & Report Generator
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